Awards and grants

2009 PI: Tegwyn Brickhouse, Dentsply Resident Research Grant
2009 PI: Tegwyn Brickhouse, Perinatal Influences on the Incidence of Early Childhood Caries in Richmond Healthy Start Infants. VCU Institute for Women's Health Community Based Participatory Research Seed Grant.
2005-2009 PI: Tegwyn H. Brickhouse- Oral Health Disparities in Publicly Insured Children. 1K22DE016084-01. A comparison of fee-for-service versus managed care Medicaid dental programs and the effect on the access to and utilization of dental services or children. $521,067.
2004-2007 PI: Tegwyn H. Brickhouse- Training in Primary Care Medicine and Pediatric Dentistry. 5D59HP03543-01-01. Health Resources Services Administration (HRSA). $517,881.
2005-2006 PI: Tegwyn H. Brickhouse- VDH Bright Smiles Fluoride Varnish Program Consultant. Division of Dental Health, Virginia Department of Public Health. $19,500.
2005 Tegwyn H. Brickhouse- Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry Faculty Research Award.
2004-2007 PI: Tegwyn H. Brickhouse- Oral Health Care in a Medical Setting. A.D. Williams Faculty Grant Award. $15,000.
2004 PI: Tegwyn H. Brickhouse- Contract/Consultant. Virginia Dental Needs Assessement. Virginia department of Health Division of Dental Health. $12,500.